Irish Rebel Songs Updated to Include EU, IMF, FF

Lisdoonvarna – In the midst of an unprecedented national crisis, the Irish people have turned to traditional forms of art for solace, reviving one of their great music customs for a modern era.

As the nation slides steadily into bankruptcy, Irish balladeers are firing up audiences around the country by updating traditional rebel songs to include the three great enemies of modern Ireland: the EU, the IMF, and Fianna Fáil.

Rebel songs have undergone a surge in popularity, especially those aimed at FF.

Rebel songs have undergone a surge in popularity, especially those aimed at FF.

The Irish rebel song was a staple of Irish music culture during its long Occupation by the English, now often referred to as “the good old days,” when our problems were someone else’s fault and therefore someone else’s problems. Rebel songs extolled the virtues of Irish patriots struggling against tyrannical British rule and had rousing choruses guaranteed to raise the rafters off any barn in Roscommon.

Today’s rebel songs now extol the virtues of Irish freedom fighters resisting the tyrannical rule of the EU, the IMF, and Fianna Fáil.

Seamus Seoighe (63), a long time professional Irish-trad musician, said he’d never seen anything like it.

“God, I thought with this whole recession thing that business would be fair bad for the next few years,” said Mr. Seoighe in his broad Connemara accent. “But during an ould gig up in Galway, I just threw in some lines about the EU and didn’t the crowd go absolutely mental!”

“I even got a pair of knickers thrown at me head, which isn’t strictly trad culture, but we have to move with the times,” said Mr. Seoighe philosophically, before adding with an air of great delicacy, “I would ask the ladies to wash them first in future.”

The song in question, A Nation Once Again, has now become a staple of his act with its updated lyrics:

“And then I prayed I yet might see

Our interest rates rent in twain,

And Ireland, long an EU province, be

A Nation once again!”

Other classics of the genre have similarly found a new lease of life by a slight tinkering with the original lyrics. Said Mr. Seoighe, “Rantin’ about the Brits isn’t going to get you anywhere with a younger audience,” he said, shaking his head at the mysteries of time, which makes fools of all the things people once died for willingly. “Give them something about the IMF, though, and there’s pint glasses being smashed and lads dancin’ on tables and people roarin’ and shoutin’ like it’s a Munster final.”

Mr. Seoighe demonstrated how he had adapted the lyrics of the great ballad Roddy McCorley to youth sensibilities:

“Oh, see the fleet-foot striking men who speed with faces wan

From college and the dole queue because all the jobs have gone

They come with vengeance in their eyes; too late, too late are they

For the IMF has cut our throats and we’re in the Tomb today.”

However, Mr. Seoighe said that for sheer foaming-at-the-mouth utterly justifiable mob frenzy, nothing could beat a rebel song about Fianna Fáil.

“These young people aren’t as stupid as people might think,” said Mr. Seoighe, tipping his flap cap in respect to them. “They know those lads from the EU are just doing what’s best for their countries, and they know those boys from the IMF are just doing the job they’re paid to do.”

“It’s Fianna Fáil that are the modern day English oppressors, and that’s why I saved the best for them – Come Out Ye Black and Tans.”

“The day is coming fast

And it will soon be here at last

When Fianna Fáil is driven out of Ireland

And when FF is gone

Then we’ll all live as one

With no more fear of FF’s greedy hands

[chorus] Come out ye old Fianna Fáil hands!

Come out and fight me like a man!

Bring your property developers and your bankers.

You talk like big men now but we’ll run you out of town

‘Cause ye’re nothin’ but a bunch of fat ould wankers.”

And with that the crowd joined in, lustily belting out the chorus as pints were sunk in anticipation of the great day that’s coming fast, and will soon be here at last.

One Response to Irish Rebel Songs Updated to Include EU, IMF, FF

  1. ancruiskeenlawnmower says:

    The Patriot’s Fair Game

    And now I am signing
    Cause I’m on the dole
    I think of our leaders
    Who bartered and sold
    I’m sorry they rifled
    Our poor pension fund
    What I’d give for a Sherman
    With an oul Browning Gun.

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